The roller coaster that is life.


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The end of two weeks again. Which means it is time for a new blog already. When I checked my calendar, I actually did not believe this was the Sunday my next blog was scheduled. These last two weeks flew past. It felt like a roller coaster that I jumped out only just now. I will take you through the ride that was these last two weeks and what the ups and downs of the ride did with me.

To start, I would like to say this one thing. This roller coaster I was on made the weeks fly by. Days merge into others and weeks become vague. And I think that is why I am such a fan of writing this blog every two weeks. I mostly start writing the blog at the weekend of the deadline. Then, I realise that the two weeks are already over again. And it isn’t that writing this blog feels like a chore. The opposite. But what it does provide is a sense of time. A nudge. A nudge to reflect on life. To step out of the busy life for a second and to take a breath.

What were all the things that I actually did these last 14 days? Am I happy with the things I did? Did I spend time on the things I wanted? Or did I get lost on the wrong path? In my case these days went flying by. There were a lot of social activities these days. A lot of fun times. A lot of parties. But also more ‘formal’ social activities like the Business Days and talking to grandma. There was just a lot on my schedule and the times that were not yet filled were filled by last-minute plans. All very fun and I truly had the time of my life the last days.

This blog provides a moment to look back at my fun time. It makes me realise all the lovely friends that I have around me and it makes me reminisce and re-enjoy all the beautiful moments and memories I acquired during these two weeks.

This blog is a moment to step outside of the roller coaster that is life. But it also provides a moment to step into a new one. To go with the flow of the new roller coaster. And see where this roller coaster will take you. Stepping outside once in a while allows you to decide which roller coaster you take. Which roller coaster will guide you for the upcoming time? And from there you will see. Sometimes having control over everything that happens in your life is stressful and way too much pressure for yourself. Let go of the wheel once in a while. And just ride the roller coaster. Feel the moment. Live the moment.

The general message here, and the metaphor about the roller coaster is to do what feels good once in a while. Do what crosses your path, or what you feel like doing. Feel like going to a party tonight? Then why don’t you? Maybe you have some important things tomorrow morning, but how important are they actually? Or do people let you feel they are important to life? What is important in life anyway? Is it to get good grades on all your exams and get the best possible job later? Maybe partially, but it is also important to have fun. The destination is not what matters, it is the journey that does. Which loops back to the roller coaster we were just talking about. It’s the journey that matters.